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The Rotary Club of Burlington meets Wednesday nights at 6:15 PM @

The Holiday Inn Burlington - 3063 South Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N3E9


Check the meeting display board at the hotel front desk for room location.

Club telephone contact  905-521-5171 



              18th Burlington Rotary Music Festival‏

The Rotary Burlington Music Festival is a joint effort of the four Burlington Rotary
Clubs and the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association, Hamilton. We are
excited to be planning our 18th season and look forward to your support. The
2016 syllabus and registration details are now live on our website: 
www.rotarymusicfest.org.  The Festival begins Monday October 31 and continues
through to November 12th.  Our annual Grand Festival Concert, held at the
Burlington Performing Arts Centre, is Saturday, November 19th


With the backdrop of Lake Ontario at the July 13 summer meeting in member Don Smith's backyard the club Youth Exchange committee Wisner Decius, Dana Smith, Nancy Gilbert and Jeff Woods presented Benoit-Pierre Roussel (Ben) with his well earned Certificate of Achievement. In 2015-16, Ben successfully completed his one year Rotary Youth Exchange as an international student ambassador from France to Canada.

The certificate thanks Ben for his contribution to world peace, and advancement of international understanding and shared good will.

Besides attaining an A average in his studies, including English as a second language, Ben participated in numerous trips and activities including, a youth conference trip to the United Nations, many Youth Exchange conferences and meetings, Rotary Club meetings, skiing, snowshoeing and canoeing and the Youth Exchange trip with other exchange students through Eastern Canada. Also, Ben represented both Assumption Secondary School and Burlington in soccer and participated as a volunteer in the school drama night.
Congratulations to Ben for so enthusiastically and successfully embracing the Rotary Youth Exchange program.









Roadmap Established for the San Salvador
Wheelchair Manufacturing Project
An enthusiastic and committed group of Burlington Rotary Club members and friends have just returned from San Salvador, where they facilitated and provided oversight to implementation of our club's Wheelchair Development Project.
Over the past 12-18 months, this project and wheelchair design was initiated and lead by Rotarian, Peter French, of the Rotary Club of Burlington. The goal of this project was the design of simplified wheelchairs, supplied as kits of parts, with the view of making it possible to establish and sustain local manufacturing capability, with minimal outside support, in San Salvador.
As a result of the efforts of Burlington Rotarians and design and fabrication assistance from students at MMR Robinson Secondary School, 10 wheelchairs were produced and delivered to San Salvador.
With strong support of the Rotary Club of San Salvador and the local organization for rehabilitation, Instituto Salvadoreno de Rehabilitacion de Invalidos (ISRI), the next phase has been designed whereby the wheelchair will ultimately get into production by ISRI in batches of approximately 20 chairs .  The recognized "value" of the chair in helping others is a dominant factor in the success of this project.
Our club congratulates Peter and his team for their innovation, passion and perseverance in the pursuit of this project to help others in need.



Students Medal Awards Night
As President of the Rotary Club of Burlington I was asked to say a few words in closing about our annual event, namely Medal Awards Night held at the Holiday Inn in Burlington.
A few days before our prestigious event was to take place, my neighbor, Carol Crosby, who lives a few doors away approached my wife and asked, “Are you a Rotarian?”  I said “Yes, I am Carol”.  She then asked if I was a member of the Rotary Club that was giving out medals to some of the Burlington high school students next Wednesday and again I said, “Yes”.
Carol, then with a big smile, bursting with pride and delight said excitedly, “My grandson, Steven, is receiving an award and his Mom and Dad will also be present”. Carol is so proud of her grandson and his accomplishments.  This in a “nut shell” is what the Medal Awards Night is all about; recognizing our young men and women from various families within our community who have achieved academically and who have made a worthwhile contribution to their school and to their community in their senior year.
When I arrived at the Holiday Inn on Wednesday evening I searched for and found Steven and his parents sitting at one of the tables.  I shared my story about Grandmother, Carol Crosby, with them.  They laughed and thanked me for sharing this story.
That evening in bringing closure to this festive occasion, I shared with the assembly my story of the Crosby family and how happy and proud Steven’s grandparents are regarding Steven’s achievements and how important it was for Carol to share her happiness with me.
In closing I reminded everyone of the ancient proverb, “The apple never falls far from the tree”.  On behalf of the Rotary Club of Burlington I thank you for sending us such good apples.
Joe Huston


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