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Overseas, Amarok Society has seen real success in our model for bringing lasting change to an overlooked education crisis. We’ve done this by helping some of the poorest women in the world become catalysts of sustainable change in the world around them. But Canada faces its own education crisis, which is also overlooked, and which also must be addressed through a spirit of innovation. Through their work in First Nations education, Amarok Society founders, Dr. Tanyss and Gem Munro have witnessed the serious educational disadvantages afforded to our Indigenous youth right here at home, with significant repercussions. Education deficits have a ripple effect to other areas, as evidenced by the gap between Indigenous populations and the average Canadian populations in health, income, justice, and social issues. There is likewise a serious gap between the equality we Canadians say we stand for, and the reality of life for most Indigenous youth. Amarok Society is opening a new chapter – Amarok Society Indigenous – which will ultimately establish a month-long leadership academy for indigenous youth, beginning with workshops of shorter durations where indigenous youth are. Our methodology draws upon Indigenous traditions, history, and culture to create transformative change in students’ lives. Unlocking long-standing impasses through conversation-based workshops, Amarok Society Indigenous leaves youth leaders with an unprecedented capacity to alter their lives and the lives of those around them.


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