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Jake's Grill
950 Walkers Line
Burlington, ON L7N 2G2

I’m sure everyone is ready to go out for a Fellowship Night.  We have booked Jakes outdoor tent patio for the above date.

Time: 5:30 to 7:30 (2) hour limit

Here are Jakes Rules.

Mask is required for inside the building.  Enter through the front door.  There will be 3 tables of 10, we are anticipating 30 people.  But that number can change. You cannot get up and mingle with other tables.  You must stay with your table. There is a 2 hour limit, arrive and leave at the times given.  We will be spread apart from each person. 

We MUST have exact numbers, so please let Nancy Sumaruk know if you are attending

We hope everyone can make it, it would nice to see everyone again.

The Fellowship Committee