Each month a different group of Rotarians, known as a POD, are selected to run the meetings for that month.  Two individuals will be selected as co-chairs and are responsible for the overall organization of the meeting.   Click on the link to see the 2022/2023 POD chairs and their teams. The responsibilities of all POD members include the following:
  • Arrange & book speakers (should be started several months in advance).
  • Work with the webmaster to ensure the details of each meeting is posted online.
  • Communicate with the speaker regarding audio visual requirements and arrange for necessary equipment.
  • Set the agenda for the evening and provide the president with the information.
  • Take attendance and collect money from Rotarians.
  • Provide a greeter for guests and visiting Rotarians.
  • Provide a member who will introduce the speaker to all the members of the club.
  • Provide a member who will record the evening activities in the form of the Rotoracle.
  • Provide someone who will thank the speaker.
POD members are encouraged to be creative in making the meeting entertaining and informative for all members.  In order to help co-chairs, a process document and a meeting template has been created with all the roles and responsibilities plus timing for the evening activities.