"The Wheelchair Development Project is a humanitarian initiative of the Rotary Club of Burlington, Ontario. The club is collaborating with a variety of partners — including a fellow club in the city of San Salvador — to help persons with disabilities access affordable wheelchairs. The goal is to design a basic, functional wheelchair that can be produced locally in low-tech fabrication shops using locally-sourced materials, components and labour."  Read Full Article - McMaster Engineering
"Local Rotarians are helping a rehabilitation centre manufacture a new, Burlington-designed wheelchair. The seed of this Burlington innovation was sown in 2013 when the Rotary Club of San Salvador and visiting Burlington Rotarians distributed over 550 wheelchairs to those in need in El Salvador."   Read Full Article - Snapd
"An enthusiastic and committed group of Burlington Rotary Club members and friends have just returned from San Salvador, where they facilitated and provided oversight to implementation of our club's Wheelchair Development Project."   Read Full Article - RCB
"On June 2nd, 2017, Rotarian Peter French was presented with a special achievement award for his tireless work on the Internationally recognized wheelchair program. Congratulations Peter."   Read Full Article - RCB